Alec Ortiz

77 kg
Alec Ortiz

Alec Ortiz

Minnesota Storm 75 kg @House8Graphics

Minnesota Training Center

Minneapolis, MN


Parents: Mario, Diane Ortiz

Siblings: Dominique, Julian

Hometown: Grand Ronde, OR

High School: Willimina, Newberg High school

College: University of Minnesota

Degree: Design, Art, Business

Personal Interests: Art, cartoons, longboarding.

Favorite Music: Funk

Favorite Quote: "Believe it!" Jose Lima


Alec Ortiz dabbled with team sports as a kid, but, at least by his account, athleticism was never really his strong suit. He promptly proved to be uncoordinated with virtually any sport involving a ball. With hard work and a love of sports, Ortiz, by the age of about eight or nine, was able to identify where his athleticism could finally shine through: wrestling. The independence of wrestling also appealed to Ortiz, as he found it to be highly motivating to rely solely on himself for his success.


Four high school state titles in the state of Oregon later, Ortiz found himself at the University of Minnesota. It was there his view of wrestling shifted, from thinking of it as a primarily individual pursuit to a team effort. “You definitely need your teammates more than I thought when I first started wrestling. You need your coaches, your teammates, your athletic trainers. It’s not something you can do on your own. It’s definitely something I’m embracing a lot more now,” says Ortiz. Learning the value of camaraderie and teamwork at the U of M is now pushing Ortiz to keep improving as an official member of the Minnesota Training Center.


Ortiz, along with his Minnesota Storm teammates, cites making the U.S. World Team a primary goal. As the team rallies around this common goal, the Minnesota Storm is excited to have Ortiz on its roster. Ortiz and his wife, Deanna, a certified athletic trainer, were married in July 2014. Ortiz splits his time training and working in graphic design, most recently as a screenprinting assistant.


High school wrestling highlight:

4x Oregon State Champion


College wrestling highlight:

4 time letter winner


Greco Roman wrestling highlight:

2018 US Open 4th Place

2017 US Open 4th Place

2016 Olympic Trials Qualifier

2010 Junior World Team Member (Hungary)


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