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The Minnesota Training Center is a USA Wrestling regional training site for elite athletes who are training full-time to win gold medals for the United States in the Olympic Games and World Championship competition. We represent the Minnesota Storm in senior-level national tournaments and we represent the United States in international competition.

Since the 2012 London Olympics, athletes of the Minnesota Storm have competed in 74 international tournaments. We have represented the United States in 29 countries around the world and we have won 85 international medals in Greco Roman or freestyle competition.

We are proud of the rich history of wresting in Minnesota and the outstanding achievements that many athletes before us accomplished on the mat. Our mission at the Minnesota Training Center is to continue their legacy through our commitment to personal, community and athletic excellence. We believe participation in the sport of wrestling instills qualities in people that enrich their lives and the lives of those around them, like discipline, self-control, sportsmanship, perseverance, positive attitude and grit.

We train with an intensity that's demanded by our goal to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling. We workout like it’s our favorite thing to do. We keep pushing when our lungs are screaming and we dig deeper when our muscles burn. We demand more, we set the bar higher, and we keep believing.

Most of us are college graduates who are postponing our full-time careers to pursue this window of opportunity to represent the U.S. at the highest level of competition. A few of us are completing our college degrees while some of us have already completed post-graduate studies. One of us recently earned a doctorate degree. We encourage fans to peruse the full bios of our athletes on our roster page.

Our training is overseen by a world-class coaching staff. Our primary training locations are the Alan and Gloria Rice wrestling facility on the campus of Augsburg College and the Wally Johnson wrestling facility in the Bierman Building at the University of Minnesota.

We are honored to represent our sponsors and our fans in competition and we appreciate your support! Please join us on our journey to the top of the podium in the 2020 Olympic Games!

Smith wins 2017 US World Team Trials

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July 16, 2018
How Did the Storm Athletes do at Fargo?

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Storm Senior Athletes boast impressive resumes from their own Fargo careers. Read more here. 

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